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My Cats Review and Test of Fresh Results

by Michele JAynes
(Canon City, Co. USA)

I have 4 cats and two litter boxes. I change the litter twice a day to keep my house smelling clean.

I have been trying different brands that claim to take care of fecal and urine smell and clump the best. Mostly I have found this not to be true and I was left with an almost cement type glob on the bottom on my trays.

I bought Fresh Results and put it in one of the trays and kept Arm and Hammer litter in the other.

Wow! Not only did my cats prefer it, but I love the texture and smell! The cats don't get the litter particles stuck in between their toes and found that the mats under my trays were staying cleaner.

I never write companies, but this is an awesome product and my cats think so too. Thank you for making my life with 4 cats easier.

Sincerely, Michele Jaynes

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