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My Easy Pet Hair Remover

by Sherry Y
(Salt Lake City, UT)

I have one of those odd little sponge-like things that is intended for wiping off the dust from computer screens.

It does a good job at that. One day, I actually read the packaging in which it came. Lo and's good for pet hair. And, it is.

It's not the very best, but in a hurry, it pulls off an amazing amount of cat hair from my couch. I don't think anything works better than a really good vacuum, but in a pinch, this is definitely second best.

One other tip: I have a 7' tall cat condo for my two cats. The black cat L-O-V-E-S the condo. You can tell by the amount of hair he leaves behind.

I got really tired of trying to vacuum off all the hair because the condo is tall and I am not. One day I had the idea to try the cat brush - the kind with the metal teeth.

It's amazing how well that picks up the hair off the carpeted surfaces of the cat condo. I still can't reach inside the top two bowls, but at least the outside looks presentable. (When my 6' tall son comes over, he lowers the condo so I can clean inside those bowls.)

One of the fun side effects of cleaning the condo is that my cat thinks the brush is "attacking" him, so he swats at it the whole time I'm cleaning. Needless to say, the brush wins.

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