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My experience with Special Kitty Cat Litter.

by Jennifer Cox
(Valdosta, GA)

I bought the Special Kitty Scoopable litter, and it does everything it says it will except for the odor part. I love that it clumps immediately.

It says on the box that it is 99% dust free, it is 100% dust free. It is almost perfect. The price is amazing for the amount you get. And you get a whole lot. I got the 28 pound box for under 8 bucks. But the odor control does not work in this litter. I am super super picky about a litter box.

I am OCD like crazy and have this weird thing about odors. I have one cat and I scoop the box twice a day. Even if it did block the odor I would still scoop it that often. Cats don't like a dirty litter box. But for some reason, my cat always decides to do #2 right when someone is knocking on the door. So when they walk in, what do they smell????? I hate it. And I would love to continue using this litter but I can't if it doesn't block the odor. I will pay the extra money for odor control, as long as it controls the odor.

I love special kitty products. My cats have always eaten special kitty cat food, and I will continue with the special kitty products. Just please fix the litter problem. I will gladly pay the extra if it is required in the fix.

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