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My favorite litter is -- no litter at all!

by D & B
(Aloha Oregon)

Lil' Bit

Lil' Bit

We have been adopted by quite a few stray kitties, so we have a number of litter boxes and go through about 160 lbs of litter a month.

We've tried nearly every type of litter out there: clay litter - cheap, but too hard to dispose of; recycled newspaper - doesn't clump hard enough; wheat - too much dust; diatomaceous earth - too dusty, clumps too soft; corn – our favorite & what we used the longest, but at over $1.00 per pound we just couldn't afford it anymore.

Then one day I was looking at a website (I don't remember which, or by whom, or I would CERTAINLY give them the credit!) and it suggested using CHICKEN FEED!

So that's what we've been using for a year or more, and, while not as good as the all corn kernel brand, the cost difference makes up for it!

Name of the product: Nutrena NatureWise Layer Feed 16 Percent Crumbles
(I suspect that brand isn't that relevant, though I suggest Crumbles over Pellets due to grain size.)

Do you like it and if so why or why not?: We love it! Clumps well, flushable, biodegradable.

Is there any dust? : Some, but not a lot. About the same or a little more than the corn.

Would you recommend it to other cat lovers? : YES!!!!!

Anything else you'd like to mention?
. . . Clumps hard
. . . Made of livestock grade grains, so SHOULDN'T be harmful if ingested (those are my beliefs, but I'm not an expert. If anyone knows for sure, I'd like to know.)
. . . Usage is roughly same as the corn, both in weight & volume
. . . Cost is less than 1/3 that of corn ($13/40 lbs vs $40/36 lbs)
. . . Flushable & biodegradable
. . . Arrests odor well
. . . Works well in automatic litter boxes (Litter Robot only one tested)

. . . Larger grain size than corn (about 1 ½ x) , so sifts a little slower. Recommend a scoop w/ larger holes
. . . Recommend Crumbles instead of Pellets for the above reason.

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