Nature's Miracle Cat Litter
Review by: Roy S.

"The odor control of Nature's Miracle cat litter
kicks the rest of the competition to the curb."

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Nature's Miracle Cat Litter is my all time favorite. It's an odor control cat litter that also clumps! I have four cats... I actually keep the boxes in the laundry room, for the privacy it affords the cats, and because I can clean up any spilled crumbs off of the concrete floor.

This brand is made from corncob granules, and is totally flushable. It's also has very little dust to it. In some other situations (like snake bedding), I don't like corncob, because it tends to mold.

But I've never had Nature's Miracle mold in the litter pan. The clumps are pretty solid (better than a lot of clay products); it has a strange rubbery look/feel.

This brand smells organic/earthy with a woody/piney undertone (If that makes any sense). It's not perfumed; it's not obnoxious, and doesn't make you feel sick like some of the cheaper scented brands. The odor control of Nature's Miracle litter kicks the rest of the competition to the curb.

I've never had a litter control odor this well, and at the same time last as long. It seems like I go through half of this stuff as I would another top clumping brand for the same amount of time.

The grains are moderately fine but don't seem to track through the house; they don't seem to stick the same way some clay kinds do.

Cons: The price of Nature's Miracle cat litter can be a bit more expensive than some of the lowest end brands and generics pound for pound. But the product makes up for itself with value, because as I've said before of its efficient use.

So, it's definitely worth the initial higher cost, and because it's so popular it regularly goes on sale at the box pet stores (PetCo, Pet Smart, etc.)

Catch it on sale and you can definitely garner some substantial discounts.