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Neutered Male Suddenly "Spraying"

by Donna
(Vero Beach, FL)

My husband and I have 2 cats, male and female from the same litter. We have had them for seven years (since they were several months old). They are spayed and neutered. All of a sudden, the male has started "spraying" the back of the box! Not every time he uses the box but he is doing it more frequently. We took him to the vet. His health is fine. Nothing has changed in the house! We have not changed jobs, schedules, furniture, nothing! We just don't understand what is going on. We changed the box to one that is very high with easy low frontal access so that I don't have to clean up puddles of pee every day. He has hiked his tush up even higher! We have started making sure he has plenty of attention daily. We praise him when he doesn't spray the back of the box. I am considering changing litter to see if perhaps that will help. Any suggestions? My husband wants to find them new homes if we cannot figure out what the problem is!

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Jul 06, 2016

by: Jeannie

I know this is late. I'm so sorry! I want to add it on here because I think this could help someone else. Again, so sorry I missed this submission.

I would definitely try switching your cat litter. They are so sensitive to change and I now the males can be so bad with spraying if they're unhappy with something. You may also want to try the Feliway plugin. This works wonders as well. It's supposed to mimic hormones released by mother cat to relax them. It might be something else that he's reacting to, like a stray tom cat outdoors?

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