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No Longer a 5★ Litter

by Joey

I still prefer the Fresh Step Multi-Cat Unscented over other litters, but I agree with other reviewers that it does seem to be dustier. I am the author of the review, "EUREKA! I Found It." In my review I explained how I kept the dust at a minimum by using a cup and slowly pouring the litter into the box. I have noticed that even with this method I am getting a greater amount of dust than usual. The litter boxes are in the basement and the dust is quite visible on the tops of our furnace and water heater, which I now wipe off daily.
I can think of no reason for this other than a change in the product's content. If this litter's formula has been amended as a cost saving measure, I would rather pay a few cents more and get the same product I purchased previously.

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