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Not Good

by gary dolling
(fernley nv)

Tidy cat non clumping is one of the worst cat litters we have ever used.

I can't understand how your company can call this a good product, we have used a more expensive brand but our local regular pet store is 50 miles away and we ran out of litter, so i went to wal-mart to find a litter until we make our trip to our pet store.

I choose carefully trying to find something to tie us over, and hoping to find a cheaper and good brand, i bought the multiple cats bag, and we only have one cat.

Every time our kitty uses the box the litter sticks between her toes and we have been vacuuming everyday because we're stepping on litter through out the entire house.

It is unsanitary, and the rest of the bag will be used to clean up the oil drippings in our garage, if it's even any good for that, really bad stuff and will never waste my money on such a crappy product again.

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