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Not just for Cats

by Amanda M
(Bluefield, WV)

I used Fresh Results for my bunny rabbit's litter pan. He liked it so much he ended up using his liter pan as a chaise sometimes - lol.

I had to be careful about what kind of liter I used because bunnies will chew ANYTHING and he didn't really bother this stuff and it's non-toxic so even if he did chew I wouldn't have to worry about his intestines getting obstructed from clay or him being poisoned by chemicals!

Now I use this stuff for lining my bird cage. I put newspaper down and then put this stuff on top. If my birds chew it - no problems, no dust, and the pine scent is sweet smelling.

One really good thing I noticed - when the pine scent fades- you don't notice smells. The pine doesn't masks scents like others and then when it fades you get hit with a wall of stench. This stuff doesn't mask it like that.

I really need to change my bird cage- in fact that's what I'm doing after this but I still have to stick my nose in that cage to really get a whiff- great odor control on this!!

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May 26, 2010
Fresh Results Cat Litter
by: Anonymous

Fresh Results is the best litter on the market. It is healthy for all animals, cheaper than most clays because it doesn't have to be dumped every time you clean. It clumps so well, all you need to do is scoop out the "deposits".
The only thing wrong with it is the availability. Walmart carries it but just in a few stores. It is the greenest litter out there and Walmart, who pushes go green, should encourage its use.
If you haven't tried it, do your kitties and caged animals a favor and provide them with a healthier environment.

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