Pestell Kitty Litter Review

Review by: Chloe and cats

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I use Pestell with Baking Soda kitty litter which is a clumping brand. I like it very much.

It seems to control odors much better than any other kitty litter we've tried, especially the clay-based litters.

The litter is very absorbent and pleasantly fragrant. There seem to be few problems with clumping and we don't really have any complaints that are worth noting.

It is medium- to fine-grained, and while there always seems to be a little bit scattered about outside the litter box, I think it's more that the cats scratch the litter out rather than actually tracking it out on their paws.

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It produces hardly any dust. Our cats Mewie, Wrestler, and Salty seem to like it. We keep the litter boxes (3 of them) in our cellar, where they are out of the way. It's also a good way to hide litter box scatter as well!

The cats find them just fine and we recommend this litter to others because it is a good cat litter and our cats seem to like it and because of this so do we!