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Pet Brush is the best way to get rid of fur on furniture, etc

by Deborah

My sister gave me a pet brush about 4 years ago, and it is still removing fur from chairs, sofas, blankets, etc.

I don't buy anything special, I have found the double sided pet brush to do the job for the VERY BEST PRICE.

The double sided pet brush, one side has the pin brush, but the side with the bristles is the AMAZING SIDE. If you have a pet you probably have one of these brushes on hand. Use the bristle side to remove pet hair from anything!!

If you have tried this and you love it...Let me know!! I know one of these brushes works for me!! I don't know the brand name of the brush, but any of the double sided brushes will work!

Happy Fur Removal for Free!!
I'm putting up a general picture of the side of brush for you to use.

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