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Find the best pet hair remover to help you be rid (or at least greatly minimize) of fur for good!

So which fur remover is the top rated one this year? Read the reviews below to find out which ones customers prefer the most. Also view some other eco-friendly options to choose from!

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FURemover Brush and Mitt
Pet Hair Remover
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Which Pet Hair Removers are the Best? Read the Reviews..

I'll be honest, pet hair is something that you just have to learn to deal with when you have pets, whether they are dogs or cats. But it doesn't mean you have to live with it forever. If you keep a pretty tight cleaning schedule there are plenty of ways to control it or even greatly minimize the amount to a very tolerable level.

It's pretty annoying to come home, change into your comforable clothes and then sit on your big fluffy couch and get up only to find you are covered in pet hair.

Here are some of the top pet hair removers for sale so far

My Favorite Pet Hair Remover

Pet Hair Remover
Pledge Fabric Sweeper for Sale Online

The Pledge Pet Hair Remover Brush is like a dream come true for me!

I recently purchased this from my local grocery store and I have to say that I absolutely LOVE it! I'm always sceptical about products like this because many of them just don't work that well.

This one really does. Here's how it works, you take the sweeper and simply roll it back and forth over your fabric surface.

You have to roll either from left to right or up and down for this sweeper to work well.

There are two rollers that work together to pick up fur and hair on flat surfaces and they sweep the fur inside the plastic compartment inside which you can see as it accumulates.

One thing I do not like about this sweeper is that the box specifically states that once you are done you just throw it away and not to try to disassemble it. What?

For one, this is not eco-friendly at all, imagine all of them accumulating at the landfills. I'm not even sure if you can recycle this as it doesn't have a number assigned to it.

Secondly, this cost about 4.50 (as of 5/12/11) and households with at least one furry pet can go through this in about a day.

I really can't imagine buying several each week to clean the furniture on a daily basis. Imagine how expensive this would be.

The Fix
Luckily, you don't have to just throw this item away. There are many savvy reviewers on Amazon and all over the web who have come up with ways to open this item up.

All you really need to do is to be able to suck the hair out once it is full!

Read the customer reviews and tricks on how to keep this around much longer..

Do YOU Have a Tip To Share or Need Some Help?

Please do share any tips you have to keep your furnishings and the rest of your home pet hair free (or at least things you do to control the fur).

As a pet owner, you know it can be tough to keep your home from becoming a furry house especially if you have multiple pets or just one that sheds ALOT!

Here is where you can submit ANY TIPS you have or just share your pet hair woes! We are all here to help each other, so please ask for help if you need it or offer help to others who do.

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