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Precious Cat Ultra is Ultra Fine

by SandyC
(Sun City West, AZ)

Was waiting to write a review on Precious Cat Ultra but read the dismaying review about Tidy Cat and the horrible dust problem and realized that since I plan to buy Precious Cat Ultra again, I might as well send the review now. Precious Cat is designed by Dr. Bruce Elsey, a veterinarian, and I first ran across it on Amazon and was interested but didn’t want to pay for the product plus shipping and handling. A few days later while shopping at my local Petsmart, I found it and decided to try a bag.

And I am very, very pleased. First, the one negative which I know is a big one for some of us. The litter is very dense so even a 20-lb bag is a problem to get in the house and a 40-lb bag is extremely difficult for me and probably downright impossible for some of you. I’m looking at some kind of grocery wagon - Rubbermaid has a shallow square box one, somewhat expensive, but collapsible. I’m thinking that if I could get the store personnel to put the litter bag in the car for me, then when I get home, I could drag it into the wagon and keep move it that way. Will let you know how any of that goes.

In the meantime, the litter was everything it claimed to be for me and the cat people and as stated above, I’m very pleased and plan to buy it again. I was looking for another litter because I was having horrible problems with Tidy Cat dust as so many others of you are. Precious Cat is certainly 99.9% dust free as advertised. Don’t think I’ve seen any and certainly haven’t inhaled any. In addition, there is no or only very minimal tracking and just right outside the box. No more crunching underfoot or finding tiny pieces in the bed. And it clumps beautifully.

The only problem I had with the first try is that I bought a small bag and emptied it into a large litter box. After a few scoops, the litter level had gone down so that when the kitties peed, it went to the bottom of the box (where it did clump on the bottom but did come up when I scooped). Since then I’m using a large bag, keep the level up and have had no problems.

It clumps perfectly and only if I inadvertently break up a clump while scooping or scoop too soon, there are no breakup problems. Perhaps because of the density, it sometime takes a sturdy scoop to shovel through it but that’s a minor inconvenience to me.

It’s also great in controlling order. Best of all, my 3 kitties took to it immediately and prefer it over the Tidy Cat which I’m finishing out in another box. The price may be a bit more than some of the others, but to me it’s worth spending a couple more bucks to get a product that works.

Also, the package mentions that it’s hypo-allergenic, contains no plant proteins and is all natural. There’s also a lot of information available at the website and sometime there are rebates.

I would give Precious Cat Ultra a 5/5 and definitely plan to use it again.

Sandy C

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