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Pro Pet Fresh Results corn cob clumping litter review

by Deb
(Quincy Il)

This is by far THE WORST litter I have EVER used!! It DOES NOT CLUMP!!!!

It makes no difference what a litter is made of or how it smells when you first put it in; if it does not clump, it smells like urine in one day!

I scoop daily--sometimes twice daily, and the urine is still wet and falls apart. I tried waiting 2-1/2 days--still wet, loose, falling apart urine spots.

I dumped this out and went back to World's best because, though it is more expensive per pound, it is cheaper in the long run. The litter box stays clean, since World's best does what it claims--what this one claims to do an does not--IT CLUMPS!!!

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Apr 22, 2015
it works fine
by: Anonymous

I have went through many cat litters because my kitten is allergic to everything except natural. It works wonderful it does clump up just like a clay litter would. I love it i will never change.

Jan 04, 2014
Fresh Pet Corncob Litter
by: ksue

I love this litter, there is no dust from it, it clumps wonderfully, I have 1 kitten who uses it with no issues and I am looking to purchase more. I am so pleased with this litter because the dust from other litter brands filter all thru the air and cause asthma issues for me.

Dec 14, 2013
A different result
by: Bob

It looks like I'm the first one here who actually likes this product. I don't know if this company has quality control problems or what, but the one bag I tried had me looking for more before I even opened another product I bought but have yet to try. This is the absolute best litter I've used in over 50 years as far as odor control is concerned. The clumping was okay -- not hard clumps, but a lot better than the old non-clumping clay varieties I used for so many years. Regardless, the ammonia odor has always been the most objectionable aspect of litter boxes to me and it is virtually undetectable even after not cleaning the box for a couple of days. (No, I am NOT associated with the company that makes it.) Hands down, the best I've used.

Sep 24, 2013
My cat ate it!!!
by: Anonymous

I bought this litter trying to get away from the dusty, chemical, clumping litter. This litter works very well clumping, BUT my 10 Yr old cat ate the litter out of the box and threw up all over the house. My other 2 did not bother it, but since Dino ate it, had to throw it out.

Jul 30, 2013
100% USELSS PRODUCT - Misrepresented!
by: Anonymous

We have two cats and are always looking for litter that lives up to the ads. We tried this one and I was shocked at how utterly useless it is! Not only does it NOT work, it does not clump even a little. Matter of fact, the litter box stinks much worse than before after using this seriously misrepresented product.

I cannot believe this company has the nerve to hype their litter when, in fact, it totally fails. The litter does not even absorb the urine but it does release ammonia and does it ever smell.

We tried the cheapest litter available as a test, and it worked far better.

I strongly suggest you pass on buying this useless product.

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