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Question about using newspaper for litter

by Judy
(St Augustine, FL)

If you use newspaper as cat litter does the cat distinguish between that and the newspaper that you have in the living room - that you are still reading?

Any problem with accidents I guess I am asking?

I really want to stop using the store bought clumpable one.

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Oct 18, 2010
Homemade Cat Litter -Regular versus shredded
by: Anonymous

Hi Judy! That is a good question. At the time I did this I had to keep him in a separate room because I knew he would not want to use it.

I only did this for his surgery so I cannot really say how it works in the long run.

There is a good recipe on this page that you can use and it seems like it works although I have not tried that one in particular.

I think the fact that it is in his litter box makes a big difference since your cat knows that this is where he is supposed to go.

In addition to this, the one in the litter box should be shredded up finely and other things added to it such as baking soda for odor control.

Once you are done mixing it up it should have a pebble like consistency according to the instructions.

Get a Great Homemade Litter Recipe here.

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