Scoop Away Cat Litter
Fresh Scent

Review by: Shirley Bernard

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I am an avid user of Scoop Away Cat Litter (FRESH SCENT). This cat litter lives up to its name and my expectations. I purchased a big tub of it.

What I like about it is that I can still easily pour contents into the box without mess or dusting. The odor of "Fresh Scent" is similar to deodorant bath soap and remains that way even when the cats don't leave the box so fresh.

Odor has not been an issue even when I'm not able to do a daily cleaning. Way cool!

The clumps stay together so scooping is really easy. It does not track through the house. The only problem is my cats are messy and like to sling stuff. Really… they just leave a little litter around the box.

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We have the box in the laundry room in the back of the house not because we have concern for smells but to offer privacy for our most royal of the two cats. Her name is "Q" short for Q-tip which was she looked like when she was born.

I definitely recommend this product.. as it's the best clumping cat litter I've tried.