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scoop away complete performance covered our 3,700' home in dust!

by Elizaeth

Our entire home has been covered with Scoop Away dust. Three floors of living space from the crown molding to the baseboards, and the contents in each room have Scoop Away dust along with the fragrance!

Our son's tens of thousands of Legos, countless toys, books, will cause his hands to smell when handled. We have an enormous cleanup to do on our time. We can't afford professional cleaning of all this detail-we assume it will run into thousands of dollars.

Clorox who owns Scoop Away will not guarantee any financial help until a review of our case is put before their insurance company which can take 10 weeks.

Since they were aware of defective standards of some litter batches the public should have been notified. We have used Scoop Away for three years but this past week it went bye bye!!

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