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scoop away complete performance covered our 3,700' home in dust!

by Elizabeth Benkendorf
(Cross Junction VA)

Our 3,700' home has been invaded while our busy lives were being lived here. While we were feeling safe microscopic dust traveled to all areas of our home settling on every surface from the crown molding to the base boards. Tens of thousands of our sons Legos, countless toys, counters, doors, kitchen cabinets, lamp shades, silk flower arrangements, window treatments, window blinds, carpeting, ect have all been covered with dust that smells like the fragrance in Scoop Away! The heating duct work has probably facilitated moving this dust. We only have two cats and two litter pans with the dome tops. How in the world did this dust travel everywhere in our home when our first floor living area doesn't even have a litter pan. This dust evidently never settled and continued to move through the air! We have had cats for 30 plus years and have never encountered anything like this. An enormous cleanup job awaits us since we can't get a promise from Scoop Away(made by Clorox) that they will pay for professional cleaning. Scoop Away informed us we have to wait for forms to be completed and a return label for the Scoop Away which we r still watching the mail to bring us after a week. Then we have to get two cleaning company estimates and they will review our case and we may receive payment but it will take 10 weeks. In the meantime we just live in the dust and buy some new toys for our son since his current toys make his hands smell like Scoop Away? The detail cleanup is going to run in the thousands we assume ,so, since we don't have that kind of money to put out we are going to have to do it ourselves. Scoop Away admitted they were having dust problems due to some bad batches of litter and we were unfortunate customers who purchased and used it. We feel a bulletin should have been put out for the public to be aware and remove the dusty litter. We have been dealing with sneezng, throat drainage, stuffy nose , and our three year old dog recently developed "runny eyes' which the vet hopes will clear up when the dust is erradicated. We have been buying Scoop Away from Costco and now we have switched to Arm and Hammer. we hope Costco will offer Arm and Hammer to their customers and remove the Scoop Away.

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