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Scoop Away Litter- Scented

by Molly

40 lbs for about $12 at Costco! I couldn't resist the price, plus I'd heard how popular Scoop Away is as a brand.

Here-to-for, my favorite litter was (still is) another brand. SCENTED! First I never buy scented, but that's all they had, so I'm giving it a try.

So far the cats are fine with it, and it clumps well (I'm a stickler for it clumping well) ... a LOT of dust though. There is no such litter as 'dust free' but this is DUSTY!

Although the scent doesn't seem to bother the cats (I have eight), I can't stand it... it is VERY strong. UGH!

In all likely hood, the rest of the 40 lbs of litter will be dumped or donated to the Humane Society. I'm going back to my old brand ... relatively dust free, inexpensive, clumps well, and doesn't have any scent.

Disclaimer ... I'm very sensitive to odors ... so odor free boxes either man made odors or cat odors is my motto.

So ... clumping gets a 5
dust a 1
price? ... usually it's more expensive so I'm going to go with a 3
cat use? well, haven't used it long and I'm not likely to, so I can't grade on tracking and over time use by the cats.

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