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Scoop Away Litter-Worst Litter I've Ever Tried

by sheila martin
(hermosa beach, CA)

ZERO stars!

I tried out scoop away, after seeing it offered 5 lbs more litter at the same price as my favorite litter. BAD DECISION!!! other than the price, i cannot recommend anything about this product. the 'fresh scent' was more reminiscent of hospital toiletries, which my entire home smelled of after filling the litterbox, thanks to the enormous cloud of dust. this dust cloud kept billowing for an extended amount of time, at least 20 minutes.

After that subsided, later that evening, my cats tried out the new litter, and scratched around in it. my daughter and i were again inundated with the unpleasant litter scent, again for an extended time.

We both felt kind of nauseated, and as if the dust was coating our noses and throats. it was awful, feeling so uncomfortable in our own home.

That was last night. Today, after neither of us doing anything out of the ordinary for us, we are both feeling poorly. Sore throats, tiredness, breathing issues and lightheadedness. the latter is especially troublesome for me, as i am a crossing guard, and must be alert for the sake of the kids. i would chalk it up to a flu, but we both had flu shots.

needless to say, i will NEVER purchase scoop away again, ever. we will also be taking the 2 remaining boxes back for a refund, in itself a chore as i don't own a car, so schlepping 50 lbs back to the store won't be pleasant.

And all my cat loving friends will be hearing about my experience, as well, not a small list.

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Jan 18, 2011
What could be better?
by: Mishelle

I think you must be crazy and I can't imagine what you think works better! I've never found a better product than Scoop Away after raising cats for 30 years.

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