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Scoop Away Multi Cat Review

Both my 2 cats and I love this product, but...

I find this litter extremely dusty. No matter how slowly I pour out the litter, or how carefully I scoop, the dust settles on everything nearby. I have developed a cough.

The Clorox Pet Products Company, which owns Scoop Away has a Material Safety Data Sheet online.

Under Health Hazard Data: the first sentence states "Inhalation of dust may irritate nose and throat."

Under Hazardous Ingredients: Crystalline Silica (quartz)is listed as one of the ingredients. I have read that silica dust is known to cause cat litter allergy in some individuals.

I may be one of these individuals. I don't want to change brands because it works so well, but I may have no choice.

Thank you,

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Apr 17, 2011
Danger of cats ingesting
by: Anonymous

I love this product, but worry my cat could die from injesting the litter that sticks to her feet.

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