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Scoop Away cat litter was first produced by A & M Products in 1987 which was later purchased by First Brands Co. and lastly by Clorox.

Check out my review of the Plus Crystals variety below now.

It was history from there! It's hard to believe that this oh so popular cat litter first started out of a garage! But there it is.
Scoop Away-absorbant scoopable cat litter
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This brand definitely prides itself in a tight clumping litter..and it has received many rave reviews from many users.

Some of the different litters offered by ScoopAway include:

  • Multiple Cat Formula
  • Fresh Scent
  • Plus Crystals
  • Free (Fragrance Free)

My Review of Plus Crystals

Scoop Away Plus Crystals is a clumping clay litter. It touts a strong clumping action and easy to scoop litter. (Plus Crystals) has all the benefits of clumping litter along with strong odor absorbing crystals to deliver "maximum odor control."

This is achieved through their two odor fighting patented technologies embedded in each litter granule! One of which is a patented Odor Guard Technology consisting of an antimicrobial agent. Okay, with all of that being said.. I have to admit it's easy (for me anyway) to be impressed with all this technology talk. What you really want to know is... does it work?

Upon testing I found this litter to pleasantly surprise me and pass with flying colors.

Wow- No DUST!

The big test is when I usually pour the fresh litter into the litter pan. This litter produced absolutely no dust. I was surprised by this because some that say "dust free" are sadly not.

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Clumping Cat Litter

Scoop Away Plus Crystals indeed claims to clump tightly which it definitely does. When I tested it, I discovered that it really clumps up all liquids into a hard little ball.

I've yet to see any single urine ball that breaks up when scooping. The clumping ability is usually a deal breaker for me… so this is also a great one as far as the clumping action goes!

Odor Control

In my opinion, Scoop Away Plus Crystals does not have a strong scent. So if you are looking for something strong with a lot of fragrance then this isn't the one. However, they also have a Fresh Scent variety that you might be interested in if you need the fragrance.

I haven't had any problems with odors.. and I suspect that it's because it clumps so well making it easy to scoop out the dirty litter. Lingering urine odors.are mostly caused by urine sinking to the bottom of the litter pan and if you fill yours up at least 3-4 inches then it shouldn't happen!

Check out my cat litter box problems/maintenance page to keep your litter box clean and fresh.

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Review submitted by Shirley- "I can still easily pour contents into the box without mess or dusting."

"A virtually dust free cat litter!" Read the review by Tina and her cat Lilly.

"Dust free litter and odor control" Read the review by Vanessa.

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Which type did you buy?... Remember to name the type as there are many different varieties such as crystals, odor free, multi cat... etc.

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How do you feel about the odor control?

Do your cats track it around the house or not?

How is the price compared to other litters?

Would you buy it again? WHY or Why NOT?

Please DO let us know what you and your cats think about this litter!

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