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My cat is a good boy (Tiger) but still for his convenience (and mine) I bought a Scoop Free Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box. The box was actually bought by my father from Dubai and it cost him almost $150.

I was in need as cleaning his poop became kind of crazy for me. In the beginning he did not feel comfortable using the Scoop Free Automatic.. I had to take him toward the litter box. It took him more than a week to exactly understand that the litter box is meant for his convenience and then he actually got familiar with its functions.

Scoop Free Automatic
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The size of the litter box is normal enough to be compatible with almost all cats. The manufacturer recommends to NOT use another brand of litter and to use only the Fresh Step Crystals cat litter.. so I haven't really tried another.

The design looks unique and doesn't seem to be a waste product holder, in fact it really is an attractive little gadget compared to some of those other automatic boxes.

It is definitely a scoop free self-cleaning litter box that actually provides convenience with its disposable litter trays. I am very glad to have it as it is compatible, reliable and one disposable tray can be used for almost three weeks for my one cat!

This saves me the hassle of throwing my cat's waste out every day. After three weeks I just need to replace the tray and that's it. The tray has a plastic lining to prevent any leakage.

The only downside is if you have more cats you'll need to keep replacing the disposable litter tray more often.. however, this can be solved by purchasing a "forever tray," which I've been looking into.

The Scoop Free litter box has got sensors to reset the timers which is around 20 minutes for the tray to put waste in its covered compartment.

Basically the waste is thrown into the litter box compartment around 20 minutes after my cat enters the box and I really have not had any problems with it.

Things had been very easy for me since I had this litter box and I would suggest it to all who have cats in their homes.

Cleaning the litter box is no longer such a chore for me and I'm pleased.