Special Kitty Scoopable Kitty Litter

Review by: Carlos

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My family includes 10 indoor cats. Because of this fact, we have three extra-large, hooded, cat litter boxes that we keep in what we call "The Cat Room."

We also are very aware that most people with multiple cats suffer from the famous "cat smell"in their homes from reading other cat litter reviews...

Our home is not one of these sufferers, and we count this cat litter as the reason why.

We have tried many cat litter brands out there in the scoopable category. --Some worked OK or well and some were horrible, some were too perfumed and others were super dusty, some clumped well and others fell apart.

With Special Kitty brand from Wal-Mart (with deodorant crystals), we have none of these issues. It has no scent (even though it says it's scented), has some dust but nothing out of the ordinary, clumps well, and controls cat box odors very well.

The grains are rather large compared to other scoopable kitty litters we have used and they do track it throughout the house, but that is a small price to pay for a stink-free home!

Another great plus to this cat litter is its price. We get a 28 pound, bulk cat litter bag for under $8.00! That is way below the prices of name brand litters and even some store brand litters.

I would recommend this litter to anyone who has a cat. I feel it's a great litter for multiple cats, so it would have to be good for less.

My cats love it and we have had zero issues with them refusing to use the box, even when Special Kitty slightly changed their formula recently.

One thing that is key to its success though--you must dip the cat box daily. If you do not do this, the litter will begin to stink before it truly needs a complete change.