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Scoopable Multi-cat Tidy Cat Review

by Will

I have been using Tidy Cat Scoopable for Multiple Cats for about 6 months now for my two cats. This litter is dust-free, and has a pleasant odor.

It seems to have excellent odor control, I only have to perform a complete litter box change every month.

The granules are small and easily tracked through the house, but a covered litter box has greatly reduced this problem.

My only complaint about this litter is that the latest batch I purchased seems to not clump. For two weeks now the urine has just spread out into the litter and will not clump, and I've had to change the complete box every week thus far.

I've never had this problem before with this litter so I'm not sure if there is something new about the formulation, or this bag in particular.

Overall though it is an excellent, affordable litter. I can usually purchase a 25lb bag for around $4.80. I rate this litter 4 out of 5 stars; only the recent lack of non-clumping prevents a 5 star rating.

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