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ScoopFree Automatic

by Jennifer

I have two cats that use the box quite often. We've tried different foods, etc, to no avail.

I bought the ScoopFree Automatic hoping that it would cut back on my scooping 1-2xs a day, but it's really become nothing but a pain.

I've tried everything from the hood, to the Forever Tray to different litters, but no matter what, I seem to spend twice as much time cleaning this thing out and taking it apart so I can get all the poop out, as well as changing the litter in the Forever Litter tray than I did with a normal litter box.

The regular trays that came with the box that proported to last 30 days lasted 3 with my days before they smelled to high heck and the box needed to be scrubbed from the abundance of pee that couldn't be dried by the crystals.

I know a lot of people have had great luck with this box when they have one cat that goes only once a day or so, but for my cats, this has been a dismal failure.

I've now spent almost $200 for the box, hood, Forever Tray, etc.
when a $8 tray and clumping litter would have been a lot easier.

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