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The what is it? The CatGenie is a self cleaning cat litter box manufactured by PetNovations. This wonder box promises that you don't need to touch, smell or buy cat litter ever again. Sounds great..sign me up!

About the CatGenie

The CatGenie is a pretty unique litter box because so far it's the only true self cleaning litter box out there. Sure, there are automatic boxes with their rakes and levers to scoop the poop into compartments..but even these need to be maintained every other day if you want a stinky free home. And, you still need to empty out the poop compartments every few days, wash the litter box to keep it sanitary as well as replace litter.

The CatGenie is roughly 24" deep and 19" wide at its widest point and about 21" high. The concept of this self cleaning cat litter box is really interesting to me because you don't have to do very much once it's all set up.

This self cleaning cat litter box uses washable granules that are similar enough to litter that your cat will have no problems adjusting to. The special granules are made from a special recycled plastic and will biodegrade in landfills within 2 years, and takes about 9 months for septic systems.

The granules do not need to be replaced.. so they are basically recycled and used again and again.

Yes, some will be scattered or a few may stick to the solids but for the most part there is no need to repeatedly refill the box, unlike traditional litter boxes and automatics.

As a plus, you'll also save money and your back the stress of lifting heavy litter pails.

Here's how it works

Your cat enters and exits just like a normal box. The CatGenie has two settings, the automatic which you set up or the manual where you just press a button and the cycle begins.

The sophisticated part of the cleaning process begins when your cat leaves.

First, the liquids will seep through the granules to a compartment underneath. Liquids will be mixed with a sani-solution to destroy odors.

This liquid is then sent to the sewage line through your toilet or laundry room (instructions are included for a smooth hook up, note that you need access to a water source, drain and electrical outlet).

The GenieHand which looks like a scooper will then scoop up any solids which are sent to a reservoir where they are liquefied and flushed out through the drain attachment.

The GenieHand also works to scrub the bowl and granules clean by using fresh water along with the sani-solution which is mixed in to sanitize everything.

When the clean-up job is done the granules are dried with a built in hot air blower so the box is ready to begin the process all over again.

CatGenie Self Cleaning Cat Litter Box Comments

One of the good things about this box is that the granules are made of recycled plastic so you won't have to deal with dusty litter anymore. You are also putting less waste in your local landfill.

If you use clay litters, an important point to remember is that clays (unfortunately) do not biodegrade. Find out more about Clay Kitty Litter here.

You can also try their Try it Before You Buy It demo. The demo includes setup instructions, informational DVD as well as a box of the washable granules for your cat to try. If you decide to buy this self cleaning cat litter box the cost of the kit is credited towards your purchase.

The CatGenie seems to be a great product to try out and puts less waste in the landfills, which is definitely a step in the right direction.

Maintenance Supplies Needed

  • SaniSolution Cartridge- Lasts 60 days for 1 cat
  • Replenishment Granules

Additional notes:

I'd like to comment that while there is no definite proof yet; scientists suspect that the T gondii parasite (which cats are the primary hosts of) might be linked to sea otter deaths. How exactly?

Please visit the flushable cat litter section for more information. To be safe, make sure your cat is not infected with this parasite, see your vet for testing.