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Review by: Walter

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I purchased one of those self cleaning cat litter boxes and it was one of the best decisions of my life because of all the time it has freed up. My cats (2 of them) are indoor cats.

self cleaning cat litter boxes
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I used to have to spend an hour a day cleaning up the mess that they would leave in and around the kitty litter box. They didn't like using it if it was dirty, so instead they would do their business around it.

I eventually decided to get an automatic litter box to help with this problem. There were many of them on the market, but after some research I decided to go with the LitterMaid Basic Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box from Petsmart.

Because it was such a big purchase (around $150 bucks) I wanted to make sure that what I was buying was worth it. I brought it home and it was extremely easy to set up.

I just took out my old kitty litter box and put the automatic one in and plugged it in.

At first, my cats were weary of the change. It took them about two weeks to get used to the automatic arm that came out and swept up the litter.

After that everything was a breeze, I could still use my fresh step litter that I was using prior to that with no problem. Now my cats use it all the time and there is no more mess around the box.

I recommend this to anyone who is fed up with cleaning after your cats as it is a time saver and it is so easy to clean up.

I just take out the old dirty bag and put in the new clean one, no more having to scoop it with the nasty scooper, although occasionally you do have to clean it.

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