Littermaid Self-Cleaning Litter Box
Review by: Dave

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I live in a household with 5 cats. Since we have a large number of cats, we originally had 2 regular litter boxes.

It was a lot to clean and keep up with, having to scoop the litterboxes everyday. We bought a Littermaid Plus litterbox, and decided to keep one regular box and replace one with the Littermaid.

We also kept the regular one because we thought that it would be good to have if the cats didn't want to use it at first. When we first started with the Littermaid, the cats were a little reluctant at first, but now most of them use that one regularly, but we still have one cat that likes to use the old one, so we kept it.

The littermaid is very easy, because we just empty out the plastic container everyday. It works very well for us. We use clumping cat litter, so the rake can pick it up.

Then we dump the actual litter at least once a week and clean it with soap and water, the litter tray detaches so it is easy to do. The litterbox cost us about $90, i think, i got it about 6 months ago, and i ordered it online. I really like it, and would highly recommend it.

The self-cleaning litter box is so much more convenient, and less messy than scooping litter yourself several times a day. It also reduces odor.