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Silica Cat Litter Killed My Cat

by Jackie Radisic
(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)




I used to love silica cat litter, until it killed my cat.

I had noticed that my boy cat (Sevo) was losing weight and he had bulges in his eyes from some sort of toxin in his body.

I had called a doctor to the house and she felt his belly and told me he had a mass, probably cancerous. He was not using the bathroom very well.

Then my girl cat (Alexis) was not able to go also. One week later, Sevo coughed up what looked like a rabbit's foot on my bed, when I discovered that it was silica pellets, from his cat litter.

It was 3" x 1/2" wide strand of silica and infused with his hair. I could not believe that he did not choke on it, and if he had not done it on my bed, I would never have known.

I then realized that the reason Alexis always seemed she was choking, because she was trying to cough it up herself. Unfortunately, it was too far down that it had to pass through the colon.

I tried everything from laxatone, pumpkin with olive oil, unsalted butter, probiotics with oils, and small amounts of vaseline to grease her up so that she could pass through more easily.

She did not use the bathroom for at least 4 days, passed a big stool, then another 4 days passed and she passed another stool. Then the next 4 days the silica must have rolled up in a ball and obstructed her from going at all.

I went and got an xray and there it was, blocking her up and she was so gassed up behind the ball, probably from all the lubrication I was trying to give her.

The doctor came back and felt Sevo's belly and sure enough the mass was gone.

She felt Alexis's and she had the mass for a month that still didn't move.

I had no choice, but to put her down. She wanted to eat and had good energy, but her belly was getting all puffy and I could not stand to see her suffer from the pain of it all.

There was nothing wrong with her other than that and she could have lived so much longer. I put her down New Year's Eve and Sevo and I miss her so much.

Alexis was a special kitty and she was the queen around here. Sevo now finally had the best poop he's ever had, thanks to me making sure he gets pumpkin and anything that can make him go, so he never gets blocked up again.

My recommendation is to make sure there is no litter pellets left on the fur around their bottoms, so that the litter sticks and keep the fur short on their hind legs, too.

Make sure they are drinking enough water,because the silica absorbs the acids in their stomachs, too. That is why the silica balls stick to the fur from the wetness in the box, only to be licked off and ending up in the belly to absorbs the fluids there.

Over time, one at a time, the silica balls, melt and fuse together with the hair that is being licked all the time and then creates a silica hairball strand, as shown in my picture.

Give them a little water by eye dropper gently, so that it does not go into their lungs. I wish I knew this as I suffered a whole month not knowing.

Don't let this happen to you as this cost me sleepless nights, missed days from work from exhaustion and lots of money on doctors, too, in the end to putting her down and the lack of funds, because of not working during those times.

I am really struggling all the way around to make sure that I keep Sevo, my only baby company now, because of him missing his love, too. It's so hard to leave him to go back to work. What a mess this litter has caused.

If I had only toilet trained them since they were babies, imagine the money and the grief I would have saved. I sure wish I could put all those companies out of business. The doctors hadn't even heard of this and they, too are making a fortune off of people's misfortune of unsafe litter.

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Apr 29, 2012
by: Anonymous

I am very sorry for your loss, but I cannot help but wonder why surgery was not done to remove the mass?

Nov 17, 2011
by: Anonymous

I cried when I read this. I am so sorry for your loss.

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