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Introduction to this site

Crystal Cat Litter- Tidy Cats >> 1 >> 2
User review

About Clays
Clay/Sand Kitty Litter Main Page
About clay cat litter

Which is the best cat litter? Clumping or Non clumping?
Disadvantages of Clumping Litter
Cats Pride
User review

Tidy Cat Litter Review
About Tidy Cat and User Reviews >>
1 >> 2 >> 3 >>

Fresh Step >>User Reviews>> 1 >> 2 >> 3

Arm and Hammer Cat Litter

Arm & Hammer Cat Litter
User review

Scoop Away
User Reviews>>
1 >> 2 >> 3

Special Kitty
User reviews >>
1 >> 2 >> 3 >> 4

Litter Clean >> 1 >>2

Pestell Litter
User review

My Biobag Review

Submit Your Litter Reviews

Biodegradable Litter

Biodegradable Kitty Litter Main

Nature's Miracle Cat Litter Review
User Review

Fresh Results
User Review >>

Feline Pine

World's Best Cat Litter
User reviews >>
1 >> 2

Biodegradable cat litter by Yesterday's News
Made from recycled this review.

Yesterday's News
Another review on this recycled paper litter.

Homemade Kitty Litter
Testing it out and a recipe to make it

Flushable Litter

Flushable Main Page

Litter Box Reviews

Booda Dome Reviews

Breeze Litter Pan Reviews

Booda Swift Scoop

Plain Cat Litter Box

About Large Boxes


Choosing a box for kitty


Automatic Litter Boxes Main

Litter Robot
User Review

LitterMaid Basic
User Review

LitterMaid Plus >> 1

LitterMaid LM900 (Mega)
User Reviews >>
1 >> 2

Scoop Free Automatic
User Review

Electric litter box reviews
Submit yours here

Litter Box Furniture

Hidden litter box -potted plant


Covered Litter Boxes

Covers and odors

Is the hidden box too cramped?
Cons of a hidden litter box

Cat Urine Odor

About Cat urine odor

Remove cat urine odor from carpets/rugs

Cat urine odor removal from home tips

Cat litter odor remover
Tidy Cats litter box deodorizer review

Cat litter box cleaning tips
Step by step instructions and a great how to video

The Litter Tray Switcharoo Trick!
A tip to help you always have an extra box to "switch out" when you need a fresh box.

Cat Litter Training/Problems

Cat litter training problems
The main reasons for litter box issues

Cat litter problems
How a dirty litter box can cause problems

How to Train
5 simple steps to train kittens & Cats

Cat not using litter box
Issues that deal with changing litter

Solving a litterbox problem
About putting box in the wrong location

Cat & Kitten Litter Training 101
Where does box go?

Cat & Kitten Litter Training 102
How to choose the right litter.

Litter Mats and Rugs

Litter Mats
Which one is the best?

Van Ness Litter Mat Review

Omega Paw Litter Mat Review

Petco Cat Litter Mats

Cats Rule Cat Litter Mat


Free Cat Litter Box Stuff Contest!
Enter your review for a chance to win a $25.00 gift card!

Halloween Pet Costume Contest!
Enter your pet's costume picture for a chance to win a $25.00 gift card!

Accessories and More!

Homemade Cat Toys
Make your own or share your idea!

Litter Scoopers

Water Fountains >>> Original Drinkwell

Pet Hair Removers