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So good...

by Pleased Litterbox
(Austin, Texas)

I have 2 cats (petite female and robust male) and I have used Feline Pine's non-clumping litter for years and I mixed it with cheap, store brand bagged litter. It seemed to work ok, but I was disappointed with the urine smell so I decided to try out a new brand of litter.

I was reading the reviews on Sam's Club Litter Clean clumping litter and was shocked by the dichotomy of reviews. Some users seem to be raving fans while the other users were on the verge of contacting the BBB on the reviews really fell in between.

Since the price was so affordable (Approx $9 for 40 lbs) I thought it would be worth the experiment. I poured in the first round and filled up with box (w/o liner) to about 3 inches deep (litter instructions stated to fill box to 4 inches deep).

My first observation was the citrus smell, which I personally didn't care for but then realized that must be the "all natural/herbal odor control" component at work. I remember reading harsh commentary on the dust issue vs. the advertised "99% Dust Free".

I poured the litter straight from the 40 lb pail and never noticed the dust spray I typically get from bagged litter (ie. Tidy Cat).

This morning I went to perform my first scoop and was worried based on the reviews of it not clumping and leaving 'muddy' messes. To my amazement...the litter works great! The urine clumped up perfectly and very hard. I even took it a step further to actually sniff the hard clumps to see how well the herbal odor control worked and I couldn't smell any urine in the clumps which says A LOT b/c I have an very sensitive nose... so there ya go folks.

I don't know if those who experienced the non-clumping/muddy issues maybe live is highly humid areas or maybe they never scooped so the litter was unable to soak up everything swimming in the box, but I live in Austin, TX (not very humid) and I'm very pleased thus far!

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