Special Kitty Cat Litter
Review by: Marvin and Kenny's Mom

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"Special Kitty Cat Litter does a
great job of soaking up the urine odor"

As an owner of two cats, I have tried out many different types of cat litter in an attempt to find one that clumps well, minimizes odor and is acceptable to both Marvin and Kenny.

The litter I use now is called "Special Kitty Multi-Cat Scented Clumping Litter" and I buy it from Walmart. The big 18 kg boxes last a long time, even for two cats, and it is the cheapest litter I have ever found. Price isn't my main concern though - that's just a nice bonus.

What I really like about Special Kitty cat litter is that it's clay formula clumps into rock solid lumps and doesn't break up while I am scooping it. It is gently scented - and that helps make the icky part of cat ownership a little more pleasant.

I keep the cat litter boxes tucked away in our exercise room because we rarely use it... but when I am in there, the litter does a great job of soaking up the urine odor and I don't even remember that the litter box is there!

One minor problem I've experienced with the Special Kitty litter is that the cats do tend to track it out of their litter box. It is not a dusty formula, however, so the tracking is controlled by placing a mat at the door of the box.

The mat catches the little crumbs of litter stuck to the cats' feet and the problem is solved.

As someone who has experimented with all sorts of cat litter products, I have to say that I now only use Special Kitty litter. Marvin and Kenny appreciate the fact that their litter is usable longer and that I clean it more often, because the odor-controlling formula helps to make it a more pleasant process.