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Special Kitty Corn Cat Litter is Horrible!

by Jennifer
(Niagara Falls, ON, Canada)

Rating-2 out of 10

I used to always use the clay kitty litter. I have 2 cats who prefer to share their litter boxes, so I cut down to one extra large cat litter. I then changed my cat litter to `Feline Fresh`clumping pine litter. THIS LITTER WAS AMAZING.

One day I was at Walmart and saw a great deal on this `Special Kitty` corn cat litter and I couldn`t make it to Pet Value to get my usual brand. It claimed it was clumping and scented cat litter. This was a total lie.

This cat litter was the worst cat litter I have ever used. It surely did NOT clump at all and didn`t cover up any odor that came out of the box.

I work full time and can`t always get to the cat litter right after each cat goes. This cat litter is only good if you want to sit on guard beside your kitty`s potty and wait for them to go. I came home after work one day, and went into the bathroom (where our cat litter is) and I almost threw up.

This was after only 8 hours of not being cleaned.

I do not suggest that anyone buy this litter. It is absolutely horrible.

I give it a rating of 2 out of 10. for the fact that my cats still pooped in the litter box after the change and 2 because it is made out of corn and flushable !


A 6$ bag is equal to a 11$ box or bag of clay litter, but clumps great,uses much less litter and covers the odour so well!!!

Feline fresh litter gets a 10 out of 10 from me.

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