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"Special Kitty"; good & bad

by Scott
(Bloomsburg, PA)

My wife & I have two cats, we have been buying "Special Kitty" brand regular litter in the red 25# bags for years.

I started buying it because it was inexpensive, but then realized it was far superior to other litters we had tried (both expensive & inexpensive).

This week we moved into a new home in a new town. My wife went to the local Wal Mart & came home with "Special Kitty" superior clumping formula in the 16# jug, to make long story short, it is quite possibly the worst product we have ever spent our hard earned money on.

True to it's label it does clump, when you try to scoop it, it's like trying to scoop hard cement.

The label say's to pour in enough litter to have 2 inches or more on the bottom. that night when I went to scoop it I realized that was not enough.

I filled the box to 4 inches deep (most of the jug!).

The next day when I went to scoop most of the liter was one big mass. Our cats noticed this as well & decided to pee just outside this box of concrete, leaving me with nice mess to clean up.

I have never written a review about a product before, but I was so angry I did a search on Google to see if I could find a web site for "Special Kitty" to let them know what a poor product this is.

What amazes me is that their regular "cheap" litter is, in my opinion, an excellent product far superior to anything I have tried, including the most expensive litters out there.


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Jul 26, 2011
Special Kitty premium clumping red box
by: Anonymous

I use Special Kitty in the red box and I love it! I have tried all of the Special Kitty types that Walmart sells and this is my favorite because it DOES clump like concrete. I have tried the other Special Kitty litters and they just don't clump as well as this one. I put about three inches in the litter box and the kitty pee and poops never even gets to the bottom because the stuff clumps so fast that it is still near the top, which saves on litter.

The first time I used it, I had to call my daughter who rescues kitties. I was laughing so hard, as I was scooping!

I guess everyone was peeing in the same corner of the litter box, and I scooped a BOULDER out of that corner of the box! I never saw a clump that big in my entire life!

So not only do I love this litter, but I am also entertained by it....obviously, I need to get out more!

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