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Special Kitty Has Too Much Dust...

by Wen
(ON, Canada)

Lately, I've noticed that the Special Kitty litter that I've been buying regularly, is becoming WAY too dusty.

Its claim is that it is 99% 'dust free'. Nope. And, even though it may be great for other reasons, the fact remains that dust is very unhealthy for a cat to inhale... the same as it would be unhealthy for a person to inhale.

It's too bad, that for the sake of saving a few dollars, we can't even rely on it being healthy for our kitties to use.

Time to switch to something else.

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Dec 13, 2019
by: Julie

I've been buying the Special Kitty non-clumping litter for quite some time. I am terribly disappointed in what has become of the quality of this litter. I had purchased my regular 18kg bag and was shocked at the amount of dust in the bag and my cats paws got all dusty & dirty and I can only imagine what they had breathed in while using their litter box. I had thought that maybe I just got a bad batch (so to speak), so I picked up another bag...same appalling display...mostly dust!!!! This product needs to be off of the shelves!!!!!! USELESS HARMFUL PRODUCT!!!!!

Feb 10, 2012
Special Kitty way too Dusty.
by: Stephen Hickey

I use the special kitty for 2 years now and I am changing to Costco brand as I have found it to be way too dusty! The liter top is full of dust and when I am cleaning it out I cannot stand the dust...

What is going on here. They need to take hold of the dust problem. Thanks

Nov 28, 2011
Too Dusty!
by: Ontario

I have always bought Special Kitty, but the last two boxed had way too much dust.

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