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Special Kitty in the Dark Red Box is without a doubt our favorite!

by Susan Hudson
(Cibolo, Texas, USA)

Waiting my turn for the litter box....Snowball

Waiting my turn for the litter box....Snowball

Waiting my turn for the litter box....Snowball
Who's calling me a turkey! -Bullet
A Box of Cookie
Grandma's Punkin'

I have always had cats and have used every cat litter known to mankind. I finally found one that is so close to perfect that my cats love it and so do I!

Special Kitty in the dark red box is so fast and so hard clumping, that nothing ever gets to the bottom of the litter! It starts to clump as soon as the kitties start to use it.

It is virtually dust free, so you don't inhale a lot of particles flying into your face when you change the litter box. It controls the odor so well that my house is odor free.

Changing the litter box is still a chore, but I don't choke when I change it because the odor is gone with the hard clumps. Incidentally, the clumps NEVER break apart, so the scooping is great....well, as great as scooping a litter box can be anyway.

The only problem I have with the Special Kitty in the dark red box, is that Walmart does not carry it in the store anymore.

I have tried several top brands and more expensive brands, and some clump almost as good, but the dust from all is so bad. I really miss being able to just drive to Walmart to pick up the best litter ever!

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