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Special Kitty Scoopable for multiple cats is great!

by Diane
(Tucson, AZ)

I have 3 cats, the oldest is 17. Over the years I have tried just about all litters out there looking for something that actually controls odor and is a bit easier to clean up.

Special Kitty Scoopable for mulitple cats (brown box)is the best cat litter I have found. No wasted litter, no lugging and dumping litter boxes.

The odor control is wonderful and my cats like it.

Unfortunately Walmart is no longer carrying it and the box does not name a manufacturer. If anyone can find it or the manufacturer, please let everyone know. This litter is great!

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Sep 14, 2011
Special Kitty cat litter
by: WLS

Special Kitty cat litter brand is produced by "Oil-Dri Corp." who also markets the brand "Cat's Pride".

I think however it was likely a temporary stocking issue at you Walmart as the Walmart near me sells the Special Kitty brand, all three of them (the brown, orange and green boxes); I just picked up a box of the brown Special Kitty litter myself last evening.

Sep 10, 2011
Available in WI
by: Anonymous

I wonder if it is a regional thing. I just bought Special Kitty for the first time this week (green box) and I love it! My cats go right down the edge of the box so I always had broken litter and ammonia smell no matter what I did. This stuff is unbelievable. My bathroom doesn't stink and I can clean the litter box out. I sure hope they don't stop making/selling it around here.

Aug 07, 2011
ditto here!
by: Kitty Granny

Special Kitty... I call it the dark red box, but it is the same one or you wouldn't like it. Since Walmart stopped stocking it I have tried everything and nothing even comes close to being as good and that brown dark red box of litter.

Special Kitty is Walmart's own brand of litter and you can order it online but they will only ship to some Walmarts and not all. They don't ship to my Walmart, but I could have it shipped to the adjoining town's far side Walmart which is over a hundred miles round trip.

I don't want to drive that far, but if I can't find a litter that is almost as good, and I have tried 15 different ones so far, I will be making that trip and ordering a case of it!

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