Special Kitty Cat Litter
Review by Noah B.

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"For price conscientious consumers,
I think Special Kitty litter is a perfect match."

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When I first adopted my cat Cocoa, I bought this litter, and haven't changed it since because Cocoa and I are happy with it. I've also read a lot of other cat litter reviews and I think this is the best one.

Cocoa is a male seal point Siamese cat. We found him as a stray wandering around by himself. He adopted us, as he found his way into our hearts the first day. He never seemed to have a problem with this litter. It is finely grained litter, which is good for Cocoa because he is declawed in the front.

The price has always been around the same amount for a large box of it. I prefer it because they don't use fancy packaging, just a plain cardboard box. I do notice that if the litter is getting older, the clumps do have a tendency to break up after a while.

It does produce its share amount of dust, but this is manageable. It is not flushable, but it really doesn't take much of my time to throw the clumps into a plastic bag and toss it in the trash.

I keep the litter box in a closet that is close to the kitchen. I usually keep it either in that closet, or the washroom. It's easy to keep an eye on Cocoa's litter habits, and the carpet on the floor of the closet keeps the litter from being tracked everywhere in the house.

For price conscientious consumers, I think this litter is a perfect match. Read other clay kitty litter reviews..