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Testing Litter

by sharon
(surprise az)

I have 3 cats. Right now I am in the process of testing different litters do to the amount of cat poop, smell, tracking, dust and cost. Right now I am down to Tidy Cat with Glade and Arm and Hammer Clump and Seal. Both products cover the smell, clump well.
With 3 cats you have tracking. I have 2 litter boxes, needless to say I USE A LOT OF LITTER and CLEAN BOXES DAILY. I like that your product Tidy cat comes in the large size tubs, Arm and Hammer does not come in Large amounts. I like your tubs because I use them for storing their food after rinsing out. One of my cats has a digestive problem so her poop really smells to high heaven and your product does cover the smell very well Clump and Seal also covers the smell. Just wanting to say thank You for your product especially the 35# tubs. I am a senior citizen so when your product goes on sale I usually buy 2 before the sale goes off.
Thanks again.

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Mar 06, 2015
Been there, done that
by: sandyc

Hi, neighbor. I'm across the tracks from you in Sun City West and I have 3 cats as well, one of whom has some digestive problems as well and her poop can really stink. I used Tidy Cat for quite a while and liked it until the 99% dust-free dust completely fogged up the garage when I changed it. I have been using Dr. Elsey's Precious Cat in the blue bag for at least five years now and I really like it. It's available at Petsmart in 20-lb boxes with handle and 40-lb bags. I don't find the price unreasonable though I think it's a bit more than some of the others but it's my go-to litter and I get really annoyed because Petsmart sells out quickly, especially the 20-lb boxes which I usually get because I'm a senior citizen as well, vertically challenged and weak as water so dragging that 40-lb bag around is rough. What I like about Dr. Elsey's is that it really is basically dust free, clumps well, hardly tracks at all (and just outside the box) and, if I scoop daily and refill the boxes daily to keep the level up, it lasts forever. I have three litter boxes and I usually buy 4 20-lb boxes at a time, one for each box and one to use for refills. Friends and visitors never notice a smell and, luckily, my stinky pooper is discreet about when she unloads. Hope you'll give it a try.

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