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The "NEW! Litter Clean"... stinks

by Joey

I had tried several of the brand name clumping cat litters and did not like them. About 4 years ago a friend told me about Litter Clean and I have been using it ever since.

I have always had 3 or more cats and was proud of the fact that, unless I told them, most people had no idea I had cats. No "cat" smell one visitor told me.

For the past two weeks there has been an unpleasant odor in our basement. We have a family room there and this smell really bothered me. I gave the entire basement a thorough cleaning and could not get rid of the lingering odor.

My husband and daughter noticed it too and when I asked a friend, he told me he hadn't wanted to say anything, but thought there was an unusual odor the last time he was here and smelled it as soon as he walked downstairs.

To get to the point, my husband discovered the source - the cat litter itself! This hadn't occurred to me because, like most people, I breathe as little as possible while changing litter or cleaning litter boxes.

I then took a good look at the container and saw, NEW! Litter Clean with its "clean burst fragrance." It bursts alright, but it is not fragrant.

I'm sorry to say that if the original is no longer available then I must find another brand of litter. Too bad.

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Apr 12, 2013
So Sorry
by: DeniseB

It's terribly hard to find a cat litter that works for you and when they change anything about it it's never the same.
The hunt is on again and it can be frustrating.
Good Luck. I'm personally partial to Fresh Step clay litter, not the clumping kind.

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