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Tidy Cat Clay Litter

by Bob Schofield

I used Tidy Cat Clay Litter for years, many years.

Starting a few months ago I noticed I was changing it a lot more than before. I finally realized the formula has been changed so it won't absorb as well, as a result you have to change it more and, as a result you have to buy more.

What a clever idea!

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Tidy Cat - non-clumping
by: Mike

I also used this product for many years. It was cheap and it did a good job. Then, recently, I noticed a change. I guess it wasn't absorbing as well as it used to. When I finally realized there was a problem I had a very tough time cleaning out the litter box. It was almost as if the stuff turned into concrete. There must have been a change made to the product. It's just about useless. I wouldn't have minded a price increase as lonf as the quality remained.

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