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Scoopable cat litter is hazardous to a cats clumps fine but if you don't get the clump out right away the cat steps in it again and it STICKS TO THEIR FEET..And YOU CAN'T GET IT OFF..

Not only that it leaves an odor on my cat and i can tell the cat just peed...they lick their paws and swallow the litter...imagine what it is doing to their innards.

I am going back to the regular litter...i also find the litter all around the house in little balls...i know this cause i have carpeting in the house and i go barefoot alot and i step on little i said earlier...


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very odd
by: Molly

It's a myth that clumping litter is hazardous to cats, but it is a prevalent belief. Of course if one is worried about it, one should not use it. I've used clumping clay litter since it first came on the market. I'm not sure when that was, perhaps in the late 70's, and never had the experience you describe. It's possible that your experience is a foible of this particular brand of clumping clay? I used to like Tidy Cat clumping clay before they went overboard on the scent. Generally a good clumping clay litter will not become muddy and stick to their paws or end up all over the house. The exception might be if your kitty has diarrhea. Clumping clay is one of the more sanitary litters to use as far as avoiding the spread of pathogens. As for ingesting the litter, they may get a few granules when they groom, but certainly not enough to "set up" in their intestines per the myth. Also, you'll find that some cat foods include clay similar to clumping in their food as does a number of diarrhea deterrent medications made for pets.

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