Tidy Cat Litter

Review by: Betty

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My cat, Fuzzy, likes Tidy Cat litter. Because it clumps, it is easy to clean the litter box. It does a pretty good job at dealing with the smell but I usually like to add litter deodorant on top of that.

It is the regular kind of clumping litter that you throw in a trash can and is a dust free cat litter and not as dusty as some of the older types of litter I have used in the past.

Fuzzy, like many cats, likes to dig around in the litter box and he knocks the litter onto the floor--at least he used to.

My husband built him a litter box that has sides that are about 8 inches in height. He used plywood and the clumping litter keeps liquid from being a problem in a wooden box. We also have a litter box mat which helps to keep tracking down.

Anyway, the tall box keeps most of the litter where it belongs and the mat helps with the rest.

Fuzzy is great about using his litter box even if I have not been terribly diligent about cleaning out the box. I do recommend Tidy Cats in part because it lasts a long time--you don't have to constantly change the whole box.

You just clean out the clumps and the litter retains a fresh smell to it. I don't think any litter is going to cause your cat to have to hire a bloodhound to find the litter box (as one ad suggests), but Tidy Cat does as good a job as is possible.

It's easy to maintain, not too dusty, and my cat likes it.