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Tidy Cat Litter

by Chip Kissick
(Hermitage, PA USA)

We have used Tidy Cat for years but since they seemed to change something, it has become so dusty that we want to find the best brand of clumping, non dusty litter.

The Purina (aka) Tidy Cat people were very nice after I complained to them about how dusty it had become.
They sent me coupons to try it again, which we have.
Still way too dusty and we want to find another brand which isn't.

That is why I am on your site in the first place.
Please e-mail me to tell me what brand of clumping litter is the least dusty for real, not just what the label says.


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extremely dusty
by: Anonymous

I am looking to stop using Tidy Cats clumping litter because they are extremely dusty. I don't notice the dust when its in the container, but this small utility closet where the litter box sits has everything completely covered in dust. 99.6% dust free is the claim, but there is no way that is accurate considering how much dust is in this room.

Dusty Cat Litter
by: Anonymous

I was just wondering...when was this topic started? How old is this? Is the suggestion still the best and only choice? I was just cleaning my cats' litter box, hacking away from the dust and wishing desperately I could find something that actually worked and didn't cause a dust storm every time its touched!

Thanks so much!

Tidy Cats Dust
by: Anonymous

Tidy Cats has improved all of their clumping litter in the last year and it is one of the least dusty litters now! I am very happy with it (I personally use Instant Action).

Litter Suggestion
by: Jeannie and Cats

I've tried a variety of litters and the one I'm using right now is called Fresh Results (AKA Nature's Miracle). It's a biodegradable litter that's pine scented. I really like it because it is A LOT less dustier.

While it's not completely dust free, it's a whole lot less dustier than many clays and that's really important to me.

Fresh Results also has a paper litter (newer product) that claims to be completely dust free but I haven't tried that one yet. Surprisingly it looks just like clay and looks like it has the same texture.

Give Fresh Results a try.. you might like it as much as I do.

Jeannie (and cat crew- Moses, Josie, Henrietta and Willy)

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