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Tidy Cat Odor Control/Multiple Cat

by Robyn W.

I've been using Tidy Cat (regular clay) litter for years now without real problems. We have three cats. I scoop daily and change the litter once every week--though days six and seven are pretty ripe!

About six weeks ago, the litter box became a hell-hole. We could smell it round the clock, regardless of its apparent cleanliness. One of the cats stopped going inside it, using the mat outside the litter box or just the floor in preference to the Stinky Armegeddon that the box had become! We tried scooping more frequently (which was almost impossible) and began changing the litter every 4-5 days, with no positive results.

Before purchasing a new litter box, I just decided to try a different litter--Fresh Step, which has carbon in it to absorb odor. We're using this now with absolutely no odor problems whatsoever.

The cat who had been refusing to use the litter is now happily thinking inside the box again.

Our cats' diets had not changed. None of them have or had any health problems that would contribute to the problem. We can only assume that Tidy Cats changed its litter formula, which is really too bad as it was a good product at a reasonable price.

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Too gummy to scoop
by: Anonymous

I was using Arm and Hammer and thought I'd try Tidy Cat clumping odor control multiple cat litter in the big blue and yellow tub. I have 2 cats and have to scoop everyday. I hate to scoop this litter because it just turns into a big gummy mess and sticks to the bottom of the litter box and on the scoop. I dread going in my laundry room where I keep the box each day. There is used litter all over the floor and have to sweep twice a day. I may try Worlds Best cat litter, or going back to Arm and Hammer. As for the bucket, I actually like that and plan to clean it out and store cat food in it.

tidy cats now STINKS
by: sophia

the company has obviously changed something. it now is the worst litter EVER. it does not clump, and because of this, the whole box STINKS.

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