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Tidy Cat Scoop
For multiple cats or
for immediate odor control

by Sandy C
(Sun City West, AZ, USA)

Have been using this litter for three cats for a couple of years now.

Cats like it and I like everything about it except it's dustier than I prefer (though much less than a lot of others I've tried in the past); also the cats track it around quite a bit more than I would like.

It seems to do everything else well and price-wise, I find Purina and/or some of the stores offer dollar-off coupons or sales frequently which helps.

I've briefly tried the Tidy Cat crystals and will do so again but the cats need time to get used to the crystals and they are more expensive.

Will continue to use the Tidy Cat but will continue to check out other options, and am bothered about earth-friendly disposal.

Maybe Tidy Cat users should band together and challenge Purina to make their products more earth-friendly.

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