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Tidy Cats Scoop 24/7: The Only One the Cat Likes

by K Louie
(San Francisco)

Well, it's official... my cat will ONLY do his business correctly when I use Tidy Cats. I adopted him from the SPCA, and they provided me with a bag of Tidy Cats non-scoopable litter. When that bag ran out, I bought Tidy Cats scoop, and I thought it was awesome.

Then, Arm and Hammer had some coupons, so I bought 40 lbs of A&H scoopable litter. The cat started to get sloppy with his catcakes. He'd pee in the *corner* of the litter box, which makes for a mess and it's harder to clean up.

I'd need paper towels and bleach-based cleanser to clean the box. Then, he started to spray on the wall behind the box. I had to hang a plastic sheet leading into the litterbox to protect my wall.

Then he started to spray on the door next to the litterbox. So I had to extend the plastic sheet. I noticed that he wouldn't squat... about half the time, he'd pee in the box standing up, or only in a half-squat. That causes a mess. So, I had to keep cleaning the plastic sheet.

The A&H litter ran out, so I started to phase-in Tidy Cats scoop. Suddenly, he's doing nice neat catcakes again, in the MIDDLE of the box like a good boy. It's a breeze to do a quick scoop and dump the catcakes now. No more paper towels and bleach cleaner.

Either the smell or texture of Tidy Cats agrees with him. He's a much tidier cat and I'm a much happier cat owner.

It's not really up to me as far as brand preference. It's up to the cat. He's clearly made his preference known.

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