Tidy Cats Scoop
Review by: Richard M.

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"It clumps very well and controls odors"

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I have found that the only cat litter that I can use for my cats is this one, in particular the Antimicrobial Odor Control Cat Litter variety.

One of my cats has become very fussy about the cat litter he uses and if I try to switch he starts to have
litter box problems. But because I have a Litter Maid, self-cleaning litter box, I also have to use this litter...and it works out pretty well from my other cat litter experiments.

It does not produce a lot of dust, which is nice. I use it the most because none of them really produce much dust when you are pouring it into the cat boxes.

It clumps very well. Since I have the automatic I don't often see the clumps until after the machine's waste bag needs to be emptied, but I have noticed that the clumps are still together. The clumps stay together even after a few weeks staying in the bag.

The Tidy Cats Scoop does a great job at controlling the odor. I very rarely smell anything coming out of the cat box. This is a good thing because with the automatic cat box that we have, you usually can go almost three weeks before you have to change the waste bag.

I also noticed that there was cat litter around the house, after they had used it.

But I went and bought an attachment for my box that they walk down, coming out of the box, and it traps the litter off of their feet. That has cut down to having almost no litter tracked around the house.

I would definitely recommend Tidy Cats to another cat owner. It does a great job at controlling odors; even with multiple cats it is great. If you are interested in the scoopable cat litter, they make a great brand, which clumps very well.