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Tidy cat.. what a great name! This litter is a favorite of many cats and owners too and is made by the Purina company.

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Purina has been in business for over 75 years and also manufactures many different cat products including a litter box called the Breeze as well as a Crystal litter. Reviews by kitties! (More on these later...)

If you want to try out a clay based litter then give this one a try as it really has received some rave reviews. This litter is made of natural clay and formulated for multiple felines and reports that it provides immediate odor control.

Yes, I'll take it! Sounds good.. eh? Especially since odor control is definitely what you need if you have more than one cat. This litter has a unique Tidy Lock technology for a crumble free performance.

It is also said to be virtually dust free, which is good for you and kitty. I purchased a 27 1b box for around $6.50 or so. To my surprise, this particular box which happens to be made from recyclable corrugated cardboard came with a $1.00 off coupon inside.

Hey.. I'll do whatever I can to save a penny or two. I've been using this litter for about 1 week now and my 2 little testers (Josie and Moses) seem to really like it.

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Tidy Cats Crystals- "I wish I had made the switch sooner..."
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Clumping Cat Litter Review

One of the great things about the Tidy cat brand is the clumping action which I really like. After cleaning the boxes this morning I easily scooped the clumped up clay without any problems.

The ability to clump up is really a big plus for me and the cats. If you have ever purchased a non clumping litter then you really know what an annoyance it is to try and get all the soiled litter out of the box.

If your current litter doesn't clump or absorb well then you're forced to scrape the bottom of the pan until you get ALL the soiled litter out which is what causes the horrible litter box smell. It helps to also start out with a fresh, clean litter box to remove any previous odors so before pouring the new litter, I thoroughly cleaned the boxes out.

Odor Control

As far as odor control goes, I don't have any complaints. I've noticed that if my cat just poops without covering up the excrement there is essentially no odor protection (naturally). My cat Josie has the bad habit of not covering and this is when it really starts to smell bad. Other than that.. if your cat is really good at covering up after she goes then you'll most likely be happy with Tidy cat scoop.

A product also made to complement this litter and any other type of litter is the Tidy Cats(Cat litter odor deodorizer).

This odor remover gives the litter box an extra fresh smell and really seems to knock out any unpleasant cat urine odor. It really works for me and I'll keep testing it with other brands to see how well it fares. So far I really like how it eliminates odors.


Sadly, like all other clays this one is not biodegradable and certainly not flushable. So if you are searching for something a little more environmentally friendly then try some of the litters made from natural materials.

One plus about the box of this particular litter is that it's made from recyclable corrugated cardboard and I will definitely recycle this one to help the planet.

What I don't like

One of the issues I don't care for with this litter and that I've read about from other cat litter reviews is that it is finely granulated so the cats are tracking it around the house a little more. (Ugh!)

One thing I'm trying to keep in mind is that cat's paws are VERY sensitive so I think that the smaller grains are easier on their little paws. But this does make a little more extra work for me since I have to clean up more!

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Do your cats track it around the house or not?

How is the price compared to other litters?

Would you buy it again? WHY or Why NOT?

Please DO let us know what you and your cats think about this litter!

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